Range Boiler 40,80,120 gallon


Range Boiler- Domestic  hot water

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 Range Boiler's madeby Vaughn

 made in usa

Vaughn’s Range Boilercombines Hydrastone, the most effective method of preventing corrosion, with all bronze tappings. Vaughns stone lined range boilers provide the advantage of long tank life at a surprisingly low price.


For three generations Vaughn has built range boilers of heavy gauge steel with a seamless one-half inch thick Hydrastone lining and bronze fittings at all six water openings. Vaughns unique manufacturing process has continually combined this old fashioned quality with ongoing advanced technology in providing the longest lasting and most environmentally friendly tank available.


This unequalled combination of quality, the latest technology, and continuous commitment to the industry has always set Vaughn apart from other tank manufacturers.




Hydrastone Lining - A seamless one-half inch thick lining which has proven to be the most effective method of preventing tank failure due to corrosion.

Bronze Fittings at all six tappings eliminates corrosion due to dissimilar metals. No dielectric unions or anode rod required.

Heavy Welded Steel Legs

Hand Hole Cleanout Option allows for easy inspection and cleaning of bottom of tank.

Wide Model Selection - 30, 40, 80, and 120 gallons.

Protected in Shipping - Newly designed container allows for easy inspection and disposal.

5 Year Limited Warranty on all models.



How to install and use a Range boiler















 40  56 3/4 16 33 45 5/8 11 212
T80-RB  80 56 22 33  46 11 280


115 67 24 33 57 11




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Range Boiler  40,80,120 gallon

Range Boiler 40,80,120 gallon

Range Boiler- Domestic  hot water

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