Pioneer Maid Wood Cook Stove

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PIONEER MAID WOOD COOK STOVE - Shown with options, Comes standard with Warming Shelf

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Roomy Oven
The  Pioneer Maidoven not only heats quickly, holds and even heat for longer periods of time, and is easily controlled but has a capacity for 8 loaves of bread.

Porcelain Finish
The entire Pioneer Maid stove exterior is clad in baked-on porcelain for better looks and easier cleaning.

A Space Heater
The Pioneer Maid doubles as a space heater when the oven door is open, thus converting the oven into a ready-maid heat exchanger, unbelievably efficient. Will heat approximately 2,000 square feet.

High Back and Shelf
A high back and sturdy shelf provide convenient storage for the items you like to have handy when cooking and baking.

Warming Closet
An optional warming closet also available to keep food warm until mealtime. 10" x 10" length of stove.

Durable Stainless Steel
Almost 50% of the Pioneer Maid stove body itself (excluding the top) is made of stainless steel material that should never rust or corrode.

Fingertip Control - The Pioneer Maid offers a degree of control undreamed of by grandmother. A simple twist of the twin air-intake knobs and the fire leaps to life. A twirl in the reverse direction and it is almost instantly dampened down.

Large Firebox - The large size of the Pioneer Maid firebox permits stoking the fire for longer periods, as well as cutting down on the splitting of wood.

Quality Lining -  The refractory brick liner in the Pioneer Maid firebox is thicker and stronger, custom-molded to our specifications.

Welded Construction - The Pioneer Maid is held together with welded steel throughout for a lifetime of trouble-free performance.

High Back and Shelf - A high back and sturdy shelf provide convenient storage for the items you like to have handy when cooking or baking. 

Standard Features - The Pioneer Maid offers many features such as an ash pan for easy cleaning, stay-cool wooden knobs and handles, black porcelain finish, spring-loaded oven door, oven thermometer, internal flue damper, and an optional hot water coil and a reservoir model (10 U.S. gallons).


Very Happy Customer 12/12/2014


I have been looking into purchasing a new wood stove and this stove is perfect! Not only does it seem to meet all of my needs but the look of it is stunning! I hope we can purchase this stove soon!

Ashley Lindsey 12/12/2014

Best Purchase Ever Made

I absolutely love our Margin Gem! I am so glad that we found Antique Stoves and were able to get the best stove for our home. I had a lot of questions to ensure I got what I needed and you answered all of them. Best purchase we ever made!

Trevor & Liz 12/12/2014

Thanks Antique Stoves

Thank you so much Antique Stoves! You made it so easy to purchase our Margin Gem and it is more gorgeous than the pictures show.

Andrew Johnson 12/12/2014

Margin Gem

Great stove! I love our Margin Gem! It keeps our house warm and I love the taste of the food.

Linda 12/12/2014

Want This Stove!

I really love the look of the pioneer maid. We are looking to buy a new cook stove and this one has all we need and more!

Smith Family 12/12/2014

No Stove Compares

If you are looking for a good heat source than I recommend the Pioneer Maid! Great stove! Great price! Overall there is no stove that compares!

Christie K. 12/12/2014

No More Worries

With the prices of fuel oil going up we had to find a better option to heat our home. We chose the Pioneer Maid because it allows us to have a warm home and we no longer have to worry about going without heat. Thank you Antique Stoves. If not for your patience I would have never been able to make the right decision.

Carol 12/12/2014

New Memories

When I was younger I loved going to my grandma's and cooking with her on her old wood cook stove. When I cooked with my mom on our regular stove it was nothing compared to the wood stove. Now I have my own wood cook stove and I cannot wait to make those memories with my children and grandchildren!

Robin 12/12/2014

All Options!

When we purchased our Pioneer Maid I wanted all of the optional features. The warming closet is great and the 10 gallon reservoir are so helpful. With us getting older it was time to get a new wood cook stove that would be easy for myself and my husband. This stove fits all of our needs and makes heating so much easier! Thank you so much for all of your help Antique Stoves!

R. Lewis 12/12/2014

Happy Customer

Best stove on the market! Perfect for everyone! Easy to use! Easy to clean!

William & Tracy Kline 12/12/2014

Huge Difference

The Pioneer Maid is the best purchase we have ever made. It is easy to clean and the thick firebox allows a longer heating period. If we need a little extra heat in the morning or on those freezing cold nights we open up the oven door and within minutes can feel the difference. We will never go back to fuel oil or a regular stove again!

Scott & Janet Simington 12/12/2014

Never Using A Regular Stove Again

The porcelain finish on our Pioneer Maid makes it so easy to clean! I will never use a regular stove again!

Edward King 12/12/2014

Great Company

I am so glad that we came across in our search for a new wood cook stove. Our Pioneer Maid is great. The high back shelving allows me to keep everything I need when cooking at my fingertips. It heats quickly and I can bake a cake or a batch of cookies. We used it to bake our ham last year for Christmas and it turned out better than ever before! Perfect stove!

William Akins 12/12/2014

Convenient Cooking & Heating

Love our Pioneer Maid. This stove holds a fire longer than any other wood cook stove I have ever used! I love the way that it looks and the warming oven is so convenient! The easy control allows you to determine just how much heat your stove puts off! Great Stove!

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Pioneer Maid Wood Cook Stove

Pioneer Maid Wood Cook Stove

PIONEER MAID WOOD COOK STOVE - Shown with options, Comes standard with Warming Shelf

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