Kitchen Queen Wood Cooking Stove 380


Kitchen Queen, wood cooking stove - base stove - See Water Reservoir, Hot Water Coil, Warming Oven, Summer Grate options below

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The kitchen Queen stove has been designed and tested with economy, efficiency , and utility in mind.  The Kitchen Queen works with natural heat convection.  The design is a radical and daring departure from the wood ranges of yesteryear.

It will:

Cook your Food Heat your Water Warm your Home

Bake your Bread

Save you Money


Kitchen Queen features:

New design reduces creosote  buildup to a bare minimum. 

Under normal circumstances, virtually no liquid creosote is deposited in the stove.

Two hot water heating systems:

a 17 or 25 gallon reservoir that fits neatly on the back of the stove (taking up no extra floor space), or coils for hooking up to a remote storage tank.

Constructed of heavy gauge steel with all seams welded throughout for lifetime airtight construction.
Large airtight firebox capable of heating up to 2500sq. ft. Choice of two sizes. Large fire loading door reduces wood splitting.
Large even-heating oven. 

Heat is first directed under the oven to work with natural heat convection.

Porcelain enamel finish High back with 7" or 9" warming shelf keeps things you need handy.
Warming Oven or Shelf Stay cool spring handles. No splitting or burning off.
Porcelain enamel oven liner. Smooth one-piece top with 10 inch lids makes cleaning easier. Grates and ash pan for easy cleaning.

Kitchen Queen 480 Specs
Overall size 51" L x 32" W x 32" H
Cooking surface 43" x 21"
Back 45" W x 23" H
Oven 16" W x 13" H x 22" D
Oven capacity 8 loaves
Firebox 20" W x 18" H x 22" D
Log Length 19"
Firebox door 14" x 16"
Approx. burn time 12 to 16 hours
Approx. heating area 1500 to 2400 sq. ft
Flue outlet size 6 inches
Reservoir capacity 24 gallons
Shipping weight 800 lbs.
UL - ULC Listed 1482

Clearances to Combustibles
Side 12"
Rear 18"
Corner 12"
Clearances to protected surfaces ..............
Side 6"
Rear 6"
Corner 6"
Chimney Connector
Unprotected Surface 18"
Protected Surface 6"

Tracy S. 12/11/2014

Cooking, Heating and More!

I use my KQ for everything now! The food tastes better and my home is always warm.

Terry Lewis 12/11/2014

Right Fit

This stove is just right for our home. When we moved in we had an older model wood cook stove that I loved but it just did not put off enough heat. Now I am able to heat my home for a third of the cost and it is a better heat than we ever had with our old stove!

Adam Miller 12/11/2014

Never going back to gas heat!

The amount of heat this puts off and the amount of money we save has us never wanting to turn back to gas. Saves us money and we got amazing service. So glad we found

Steve L. 12/11/2014

Only regret...

The only regret we have is not going with the glass door. Other than that this is the best wood cook stove I have ever used.

Nancy Crabil 12/11/2014

Great product

Our KQ is used for just about anything you could imagine. I use the warming shelf all the time and the glass door really sets it off.

Alison & Kent Walters 12/11/2014

Great Stove

This stove is amazing! I love cooking in it and my husband loves the fact that we can save money during the colder months. Overall this was the best fit and decision for our family.

Timothy Adams 12/11/2014

Amazing Build

This stove offers a elegant yet rustic feel to our home and it is one of the most talked about items we own. Great product.

Samantha Jones 12/11/2014

Perfect for all seasons!

We decided to go with the summer grate option and I could not be happier. I get to use my Kitchen Queen all year round and I love using it!

Jeff & Amy 12/11/2014

Love this stove!

This stove is one of the best decisions we have ever made! So grateful our friends pointed us in you direction! Thank you so much for all of your help in making the right decision.

Frank 12/11/2014

Perfect Fit

The KQ 380 fits perfectly in our home. It heats evenly and holds a strong fire. My wife loves the way it cooks and no longer wants anything to do with our gas stove. Overall this is a sturdy build that provides a great amount of heat.

Jay & Shirley 10/08/2014

Very beneficial!

We bought the KQ 380 about two years ago and my wife cooks more now than she ever did on our gas stove. The amount of heat it puts off warms our home comfortably and it works great on those cold winter nights. The large loading door allows for me to easily fill it and the ash pan makes it easy to clean. Not to mention we have saved a ton on fuel oil by switching over to wood heat. This stove truly benefits us in all ways.

Cameron J. 10/08/2014

Best choice for our family!

When I decided to purchase a wood cook stove I had no idea which kind or where to even start. A friend of mine told me about and said he had a great experience through them so I decided to give it a try. They answered all of my questions and helped me to make the right choice. I have had this stove for a little over a year and I love it! I knew I wanted the warming oven and summer grate so that I could use it all year long. This was the best choice for our family. I am so glad that I was able to find such a great stove from such a friendly company!

Steve L. 10/08/2014

Great Stove

Great stove, great service, great price! Thanks again!

Glenn 10/08/2014

Heats evenly!

The Kitchen Queen 380 is a great stove! I am able to stoke the fire and it is still going when I get back from work. It heats my home great and the thermostat control allows me to control the temperature. I could not be more glad that we decided to buy this stove. The service we received from was amazing! I will be recommending all of my friends purchase a wood cook stove through them!

Dave 10/03/2014

Kitchen Queen

I love my Kitchen Queen! I use it all year round for cooking and love the heat it puts off in the winter! I will always have a Kitchen Queen! Thanks again!

James 10/03/2014

KQ 380

When we decided to remove the old fireplace and replace it with a wood cook stove I was scared to see how much a new chimney was going to cost. However when I found the Kitchen Queen 380 and learned that it fit with the 6-inch chimney we already had I was sold! I’m able to control the heat with the thermostat control and it heats evenly throughout my home. It also holds a fire perfectly! I am so glad that we decided to purchase this stove through, as they have been great at getting back to me when I have questions. Truly great customer service & great stove!

Mike from Mass. 10/01/2014

Kitchen Queen 380

I got it about a week ago. It is built solid. I've run it low for a couple days and it works great. I got the water heater with it and that works great too. No complaints. The company was easy to work with and if I ever move (and don't take this stove with me) I would buy another from them no problem.

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Kitchen Queen Wood Cooking Stove 380

Kitchen Queen Wood Cooking Stove 380

Kitchen Queen, wood cooking stove - base stove - See Water Reservoir, Hot Water Coil, Warming Oven, Summer Grate options below

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